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This is the website of the Natal Midlands Jaguar and Daimler Association, an informal group of friends who love old Daimlers, and Jaguars both ancient and modern. Bentley and Rolls Royce owners are welcomed too.

We socialise once or twice a month in between collecting, restoring and showing some of Great Britain’s finest automobilia.

Some of our cars


Heritage News: An in-depth look at the Mark V

Jaguar Motorsport:  Jaguar TCS team updates

General Technical:  Make your own carbon fibre parts

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December 2021: JLRSA dropped to 20th place overall and 16th in passenger, with 186 units sold. Individual model sales numbers are as follows:

E-Pace                     14

F-Pace                       6

F-Type                       4

I-Pace                         1

XE                              0

XF                               1

Defender                  37

Discovery                    7

Discovery Sport        12

Range Rover                7

R-R Evoque               25

R-R Sport                   49

R-R Velar                    23